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3 generations with wood

    In 1951, Kiyosaburo Oyama (grand father of Kiraku owner) started a wood shop at Koto-ku, Tokyo with Kiyoshi Oyama(father of Kiraku owner). They mainly sold Japanese Zelkova and had a great success in wood business field.
Oyama wood company around 1955
Oyama wood company around 1955

"Saisenbako" of Tomioka Hachiman shrine made by Oyama wood company in 1956. The person on the right is current owner's grandfather.
Staff of Oyama wood company in front of the "saisenbako"

Kiyoshi Oyama, current owner's father with Japanese Zelkova in 1963.
Current Kiraku owner, Mr Oyama in his childhood at a storage of raw wood in 1963.

1990, rebuilding Sumpu Castle.
1990, rebuilding Sumpu Castle's gate