What the inside of the shop looks like.

      Kiraku is located near Kashiwanoha Park, about a 5 minute walk. We make and sell table tops and various wooden furniture made from solid natural wood. We have 300+ table tops and other furniture at the shop. They are made from Japanese cypress, Japanese horse chestnut, Sakura, Yakushima cedar, Japanese oak, Maple tree etc, which all have a beautiful wood grain.

      The owner of this business, Oyama-san manages everything from buying raw wood, to making them into furniture and selling them to customers. That's why we can sell products at a lower price than any other shops. This business has been in the family for 3 generations. Oyama-san is familiar with wood from his childhood and has 40 years of professional experience.

      He is at the shop on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Holidays. On other weekdays, he is working on building and delivering the furniture, so please call first. He will come back to open the shop. Please do not hesitate to call, even if you are just coming by to see the shop.


      If you don't use Japanese and are going to visit on a weekday, send a text message via short message service first. Thank you!

ͺFront of the shop
ͺOne booth in the back of the shop. We have 17 booth in all.