Kiraku's professional technique

    Every piece of furniture we make at Kiraku is different. We handle countless types of wood and make them into something new each time. We think of each order as a challenge and chance for our improvement.
    We have been making order made furniture for 25 years. Tables, desks, chairs, chests, closets, shelves, beds, doors, and buddhist altars, noting is impossible for Kiraku.

Finished Products

    Dining Table

    Low Table





Price & Delivery

    Price on price tag includes legs/ finishing touches. Dining tables mainly range from 200,000~400,000 yen.
     Free delivery under 100kg.

Furniture on sale are all only halfway done:

    Wooden slabs at the shop are not finished so that we can cut, trim, or change its shape depending on the customer's order. They are at step 2 of the photos; when the base coat is applied. Steps 3 and 4 take place after a customer buys it. These last 2 steps are taken to ensure that the wood does not crack or bend.

yStep1zSanding down the surface to a smooth surface
yStep2zApply base coat
yStep3zApply middle coat
yStep4zApply top coat

Unprocessed, real wood is the best for furniture

1 You can fix it

  I  t's very important to choose real wood for furniture. Real wood here means natural wooden slabs, not plywood or bonded wood.   I  Wood including plywood and bonded wood gradually change depend on temperature, humidity and time. But if you use real natural wood slabs you can repair by sanding or applying a fresh coat of wax. Furniture that is taken good care of can be used for a hundred years.

A door that had been damaged by wind and rain got repaired and renewed

2 Customize your funiture

    We recommend a large table because it is a center furniture of daily life. It's for every meal, teatime, talking, studying, and guests. You can do all of that with a large table, and family members will come together.
Zelkova table. A 2.7m long table made of two smaller tables joined together.
The smaller half is mostly used as a dining table.
Japanese horse chestnut low table. combination of small and large table.
The customer who bought this table uses the larger half of the table for Hori-gotatsu.

Furniture created by KIRAKU
Cypress Dining Table
Japanese Zelkova Large Table 220cm~105cm
Maple Shelf(left), Maple TV Stand(right)

Japanese Horse Chestnut & Walnut chair
Cypress Table & Japanese Manchurian Chair
Japanese Zelkova Bench

Camphor Tree Door
Yakushima Cedar Low Table
Yakushima Cedar Table

Japanese Zelkova Chairs
counter of oriental planetree attached to wall by L-shaped clasp

Photos of recently sold items will be uploaded to the website's blog